I’m on the very tail end of a much-needed week-long vacation.  As in, I’m folding some laundry and going to bed in 10 minutes and then it’ll be over.  Or maybe it ends when I start folding.  We went to the DC area, where I’m from, for a week.  Normally when we go up there, we stay for a long weekend and it just isn’t enough time.  So we decided to go for an entire week.  And as a bonus, my mother and her boyfriend Marty offered to watch Alexander for two nights while Jason and I went to New York City.  We got to see a ton of my family and friends and had some time to ourselves as well.

Alexander got to spend time with his 93-year old great grandmother.

Alex ggma

as well as his grandmother.

Alex mom

We went to the zoo and went swinging in the park.



We even had lunch at one of my old high school haunts – the Silver Diner.  I tried to be nostalgic and pretend that it hadn’t moved two miles down the road.

Silver diner

And then there was New York.  Jason and I took the Vamoose bus up there.  It’s a nice bus that goes straight from Bethesda to Penn Station with no stops.  And it’s only $20-$30 each way.  I have to say, the bus ride itself was one of the highlights of the trip.  I mean, when do I ever have four hours with nothing to do but read and sleep?

New York itself was really fun too.

New york1

New york2

We mostly just walked around.  We went to Times Square, Central Park, Chelsea Market, walked along the High line and went to H&M and DSW like five times because I felt like my outfit just wasn’t quite right.

Central park

High line

And we ate.  Bagels from Ess-a-bagel, Halal food from the Halal Guys and dinners at Union Square Cafe and Osteria del doge.


Halal guys

Halal plate

But the highlight of the trip was definitely seeing Hedwig and the Angry Itch.  Both Jason and are fans of the movie.  (Okay, Jason is – I’ve seen it once, but The Origin of Love is on a lot of my running playlists).  We were super excited that it was held over and would still be running when we were there.

IMG 6780

IMG 6783

And now it’s 9:15 on Sunday night and I have to go to sleep and still haven’t folded the laundry.  I always get kind of bummed out when vacations end.  But I guess it has to be like that so they feel special while they’re happening.

Beltline Boil Year Two

Last year, especially the first part of the year, was sort of a blur for me.  But one thing that does stand out was the Beltline Boil.  It was one of the first warm days of the year and the last weekend of my maternity leave.  Alexander was not yet three months old and he got a slight sunburn on his face because he was too young for sunscreen and I felt terrible and also worried that my new daycare (that he no longer attends) would judge me for my tiny baby’s sunburnt cheeks.

Anyway.  It was the first year of the Beltline Boil, a low country boil competition on the Beltline, which is like a paved trail that goes through the city.  Not a lot of people had heard of the event since it was the first year, I guess and we got there early enough that we got to try all of the restaurant’s samples.

This year word got out.  We met our friends Joan and Sean at noon, when the tasting started.

Beltline boil



Joan alexander

Me joan

At first, it wasn’t too crowded and we tried a few samples.

Boil food

But then more people arrived and the lines started to get really long and waiting a half hour for a little food sample wasn’t really worth it.

Beltine boil2

But even though we didn’t get much food this year, at least I remembered the sunscreen.

Friday Evening

I like being a working mom.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still live for the weekend just like anyone else, but I like having time alone, time to be creative, time to learn new things or time to just goof off on facebook while drinking a cup of coffee without chasing someone who’s trying to get into the dog’s water bowl.  Wait, don’t tell my bosses about that last one.  And also, what’s so damn fascinating about that water bowl?

Sometimes it’s hard though.  Sometimes I’m so beat down by the end of the day that all I can do is face plant into my bed after making dinner. I don’t even know why.  Alexander sleeps through the night for the most part.  (I totally jinxed it forever by saying that, didn’t I?)  I do the daycare drop off and pick ups but that’s what?  20 extra minutes, if that.  So I’m not entirely sure what it is about being a working mom that’s so tiring, but it’s something.  Or maybe it’s just being a mom in general.

We got off work two hours early today because of Easter and Passover and it was glorious. I don’t even normally use the word “glorious” to describe things because frankly, it sounds ridiculous.  But those two extra hours deserved it.  Not to mention that it was 80 degrees out.  Originally, Jason and I talked about going out to eat and when I got home, I was imagining sitting on a patio somewhere.  But then reality hit in and Alexander was cranky because he didn’t get his afternoon nap and Jason was tired so we just sat on our deck and drank wine and ate a frozen pizza and it was perfect.

Alex jason


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