Adventures in Solids

As if having a baby wasn’t confusing enough, adding solid foods into his diet adds a whole new element of confusion.  I’m sure I’ll look back and laugh at myself for thinking that, but right now, it’s damn confusing.  So much conflicting information out there.

Rice cereal is good.  Rice cereal is bad.  Mix the rice cereal with bananas.  Puree a banana.  Give him a whole banana.

IMG 0445

Someone isn’t sure how he feels about the entire thing.

Eww food

But someone else sure is happy about it.

IMG 0447

So far, we’ve tried three things:  rice cereal, avocado and banana.

He liked the rice cereal when it was mixed with water and pretty thick.  We also tried it mixed with formula with a thinner consistency, which wasn’t as well-recevied.

Avocado was not a hit at all, much to my chagrin.  First of all, I love avocado, so I assumed my son would too.  And also, healthy fats.  The boy needs some fat.  But nope, gag.  Literally.

Banana was probably the favorite which makes sense since it’s the sweetest of the bunch.  He liked it mashed up.  I tried the baby-led weaning method of just giving him a halved banana and he smushed it in his hands and it fell on the floor.

This gets easier, right?

Last Week in Meals

Despite my lack of blogging, I actually have gotten pretty decent at meal planning.  Every Sunday I’ve been making a list of recipes for the week (mostly from Pinterest) and going grocery shopping for the ingredients.  That’s not to say that we don’t eat our fair share of frozen Trader Joe’s meals, because we definitely do, but despite having a 6-month old and working a full-time job, I somehow have managed to cook at least a little bit.  This was last week.

Salmon with Sriracha and Lime


with parsley pesto potatoes.

Pesto potatoes

The salmon was just okay but the potatoes were omg good.

We also had avocado black bean enchiladas.  Avocado, black beans and cheese – can’t go wrong with that combination, right?

Avocado enchiladas2

Avocado enchiladas

Chicken was on the menu too.  Chicken with tomatoes and mushrooms.

Chicken stew

I honestly thought this was bland, though Jason liked it.  Can’t win them all, I guess.

And tonight, I had ice cream and wine for dinner.  Like I said, can’t win them all.

Stevia Winners

Whoops, sorry this took me so long to post this.  I just used to pick four winners.

1.  Bianca Rogoveanu

2.  Joan Seymour

3.  Marissa

4.  Anita

Congrats!  Email me at with your name and address so NuNaturals can send you your winnings.

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