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No, I’m not pregnant!

I have the same relationship with binge drinking that say, a 23 year old would have.  Problem is, I was 23 seven years ago.  A lot of my friends are like this too, I guess.  When we go out, we drink.  Except that sometimes I don’t have the little angel on my shoulder telling me that I’ve had to much or had enough and it’s time to go home.  So I either stay up and end up doing something stupid, or if I manage to not embarrass myself, I still feel bad the next day.  Hangovers are a bitch when you’re thirty, let me tell you.  

So, after quite a day of bar hopping last weekend, Jason and I decided that we wouldn’t drink until after the Peachtree which is on July 4th.  I was gchatting with a friend yesterday and I mentioned that I hadn’t had a drink in six days.  His response, “What, are you pregnant?”  See why it’s hard?  

It’s not physically hard; my body isn’t craving a drink or anything.  But it’s just sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself if I’m not going to a bar with my friends.  I know that I could go and have a diet coke or something but I know well enough that that’s not going to happen.  And so, in an effort to not make alcohol such a big part of my life, I end up turning down invitations from friends and that’s not what I want either.  

Le sigh.

Lee goes to the Organic Grocery

Return to Eden, an organic grocery store near my house, re-opened recently.  I’m not sure why it was closed, but it was for a few months.   Some things are cheaper there (veggie burgers, tofu things of the sort) and other things are more expensive (canned goods).  Fortunately, it’s next door to Publix, so it’s easy to get the beans and stuff there instead.  

I found all kinds of fun things at RTE:

roasted edamame with goji berries, fat free yogurt, guiltless gourmet mediterranean wrap, spelt tortillas, better than cream cheese, baked ramen, 100 calorie glenny’s brownie, 100 calorie glenny’s brown rice krispie treat, tofu, fage with peach, indian packaged meals.

Of course now that I am home, I don’t feel like eating.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I just haven’t been that hungry at night.  Not that I’m complaing.

Internet iffyness, bad smells and a good snack

I can home tonight to a horrible smell. I guess it was from the mound of dishes pilling up in my sink. Old kale, fish residue and parts of an omlette do not a good smell make. The first thing that I thought when I walked in the door was, “This smells like shit.” which led to the Outkast song, “Roses” to be stuck in my head. “You know you like to think that your shit don’t stink…”

My internet is pissing me off. A couple days ago the modem wasn’t working. I had a call with Comcast that got nowhere and ended with them telling me to exchange the modem. I was all set to haul up to Marietta but then it started working again. So, now my router is acting up. I reset it and all seems well…for now.

So normally when I’m not distracted by a hideous odor when I walk in the door, the first thing that I think about is how hungry I am. I have never been one of those people that could wait to eat. It’s like home = dinner. It’s kind of a pain because most people eat later. I can’t tell you how many dinner invitations that I’ve turned down because I’ve already eaten. It also leads to late night snacking. Today, however, was different. For some reason, I’m not hungry. I think it’s because I had the perfect snack. 1 container Nonfat greek yogurt mixed with some blueberries and some walnut pieces. The perfect combo of carbs, protein and fat. I’ll have to try this combo again. Too bad the Fage is so damn expensive. I need to make a trip to TJ’s for their generic version.

I slacked big time last night. I was all like, “I’m going for a run,” which turned into, “It’s too hot, I’ll just rest for a half an hour and then run, which turned into, “Fuck, I slept for an hour and a half and now it’s dark out and I can’t go to the gym because I’ll miss the Real World.” Slackah.

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