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Post Thanksgiving Day run

I went for a run/walk this morning. I just tried to map it but since it’s on a trail, I couldn’t exactly remember I stopped. I think it was between 5-6 miles. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to run the whoel thing so I ran for one song, walked for the next etc. I figured that I ran for about 25-30 minutes and walked for about an hour. It felt good but I definitely could have used some gloves. Afterwards, my hands were so cold that I could barely type on the computer! I have since warmed up, eaten some sushi and a vitamuffin and am watching a What Not To Wear marathon.

I do feel little full right now. I was fine with the sushi and even a little stuffed, but I really wanted the vitamuffin since I love them and they’re hard to find in Atlanta. I need to learn that I don’t have to eat everything that I want right now. The vitamuffins will still be there in a few hours when I might want a snack, or even tomorrow morning. I’m supposed to have dinner with some friends tonight. I don’t have that many points left so I really need to find a restaurant where I can get something healthy. My friends are no help! One suggested Austin Grill (Mexican) and the other suggested Maggianos. Of course, they’re both guys so I highly doubt they’re thinking of healthy food when they think of a restaurant.

I meant to post this earlier. At Thanksgiving dinner we all said what we were thankful for. It’s kind of cheesy but I thought it was interesting what everyone said.
Me – Thankful to be able to see my family since I live 600 miles away from them. Also, thankful that I still have a job.
Sister – Thankful that she has the opportunity to go to college.
Brother – Thankful that we haven’t been victims of any terrorists attacks and have been relatively safe.
Dad – Thankful for Obama.
Stepmohther – For some reason, I can’t remember what she said, I think it had to do with family.
Stepmother’s Aunt – Thankful for Obama.

Of course, I am also thankful to have a wonderful boyfriend.

Happy Thanksgiving

I arrived in DC at about 10 am yesterday morning. I think that it’s key to go fly on Thanksgiving morning instead of Wednesday night. Sure, I’d have a few more hours with my family, but I’d rather not deal with all the stress of a crowded airport.

I had dinner with my dad, stepmother, brother, sister and stepmother’s aunt. All things considered, I didn’t eat tooooo badly. I made a feeble attempt to count the points and got something like 40 which is double what I’m supposed to eat, but I figured it was Thanksgiving and I couldn’t worry about points anyway. Plus, it just subtracted from my weekly alottment of points, which I will gain back with activity. I didn’t take any pictures of dinner because I didn’t really want to explain why I was doing it, so here’s a recap of what I had:
About 8 shrimp cocktail (although without the cocktail sauce – I don’t like it.)
A cosmo that my dad made
A big sweet potato with strusel and marshmallows. (So bad, but sooo good.)
Brussells Sprouts
Spicy Sauteed Broccoli
A little bit of salad
A very small slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream
A glass of white wine

I’m sure my diet could have done away with the sweet potoato but it was very good! I didn’t get a workout in, but I’m planning on running this morning on the Crescent Trail.

Later Taters.

Tomorrow’s Like Friday

I’m so happy that it’s a three day week.  I’m hoping that we’ll get out of work early tomorrow.  They never like to tell us until that morning.  We are having a Thanksgiving potluck.  I made pumpkin bread:


I used the recipe from Hungry Girl except I used sugar instead of splenda. I figured it out to be 3 points per slice. I hope it’s good, it’s still cooling and I’m probably going to go to sleep before tasting it. Although I probably should sample it to make sure I don’t kill my co-workers.

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