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Easy Five

My friend Joan came over this afternoon and we ran five miles. It was amazingly easy. The weather was perfect. It was about 50 degrees out with no clouds at all. I live in an area that is heavily populated with runners and it’s always nice to see everyone out and about. I wasn’t particularly paying attention to how long it took us and we did stop at Ben & Jerry’s to get water and walked a little bit.

I love it when I get my long run out of the way on a Saturday. Even though running is (sometimes) very enjoyable, it’s still such a pain to have it hanging over my head all weekend. Now I can have tomorrow to do whatever. I’m planning on going to the dog park since it’s supposed to be nice and then maybe going to a pilates class at LA Fitness.

So tonight has the potential to be crazy. First of all, it’s two of my friends’ birthday. That posed sort of a problem for me because they don’t know each other so there are two different parties going on. I got invited to one first and accepted and feel bad that I can’t go to the other, but there is really no other fair way to handle it other than going to the first one that I was invited to. Anyway, it’s my friend Andrew’s 30th birthday. His girlfriend is planning this crazy surprise party. He knows that something is going on but doesn’t know what. Basically, all of his friends are meeting at a local bar while they will still be at his house. A stretch limo is coming to pick us up and we will pick him up in it. From there, we are just planning on going to a few bars, one of which will have a cake. It might be a little bit insane. But in a good way. I’m also going to try to meet up with my other birthday friend but am not sure if that will happen or not.

I should shower. I’m a sweaty mess.

Just one result?

I have been doing everything right and the weight just is not coming off. Seriously, for the past three weeks, I’ve been working out A LOT and trying to keep my calories around 1500 a day. I’ll admit that in the first two weeks, they were probably around 1800 instead of 1500 but I would still think that would produce some sort of weight loss. I guess not. It’s like I have been losing and gaining the same three pounds for a year.

I just haven’t been able to hit the hammer on the head (nail on the head? Some sort of carpenterish saying) of what exactly I need to change. Whenever I read articles on weight loss, it’s like do A instead of B and you’ll lose weight. Well, what if you already do A? The only thing that I can think of that might be holding me back is portion control. I try to measure things but sometimes, like at work or when Jason is cooking, I don’t.

I’ll keep on it. There is no reason not to. I mean, if I’m not getting the results that I want from doing what I’m doing, I’m definitely not going to get them if I give up. I realize that but I just want to see a little result. Just one little itsy bitsy one.

Yesterday I did lower body strength training and ran 3.5 miles. Today I did the elliptical to sort of work out the tightness in my legs. It worked a little bit. This weekend is going to be difficult diet-wise. I’m supposed to do my long run on Saturday with my friend Joan who is running the half with me. But, afterwards there is this huge surprise 30th birthday party for one of my friends and I know that will mean trouble. I need advice for handling party situations.


I just wrote that as my facebook status, Lee is blah. I don’t know why, that’s just how I feel.

So I’m really trying to stick with this 1500 calorie a day diet and I’m noticing that I’m relying a lot more on artificial sweeteners. I think a lot of the time, I just want the taste of something in my mouth (get your head out of the gutter!) and water just won’t do. I used to be pretty addicted to diet coke and broke myself of the habit, but now I feel like I’m crawling back. I have had a 20 oz diet mountain dew, some crystal light and some pepsi max today which is 3 times the amount I normally drink. I was pleased that I had finally weened myself off the diet crack, but I guess I really hadn’t.

It’s just the only way I know to keep myself from not eating. I mean, when I’m at home, I can do other things, read, play on the computer, take a bath. But what about when I’m staring at my computer at work doing some boring, menial task. The cravings hit and they hit hard and the only way to satisfy them without actually eating is to drink something with fake sugars in it.

I lost a lot of weight that way and old habits die hard. I really tried to be healthier and cut all the fake stuff out but it seemed like instead of just doing nothing, I was back to the real sugar and that was affecting my weight loss.

So, what about you? Do you do the fake stuff?

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