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Juice and Naps (I’ve reverted to childhood)

When I got home from work yesterday, this was sitting on the kitchen counter. Honestly, it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. I guess because this is the smaller size.


For our first juice, we decided to try something simple and newbie safe – carrot orange juice.


We used 4 carrots and 4 clementines. And look what it produced!


This was so good. The froth on top made it taste like an Orange Julius.

Today, I decided to get a little more adventurous. My plan with the juicer is to juice mostly vegetables, not fruit. I started with fruit yesterday to sort of ease my way into it, but really want to focus on juices that are mostly veggies with maybe one piece of fruit. Today’s happy hour concoction was 1 gala apple, 1 beet, 2 small english cucumbers that were on their last legs and a large handful of spinach.



I’ll admit it, it was not as good as the carrot/orange juice. It was still good but the taste of cucumbers really permeated the entire thing. I thought that was strange since they were little. It was still sweet from the apple. I don’t think I used enough spinach; my handful didn’t seem to produce any juice at all.

Have you seen this survey about napping? 34% of adults in the US take daily naps. Do you? I’m going to share a little secret. I do. It’s not after work though. I have an office with a door and during my lunch hour, I tend to have a little siesta. No one in my office knows this! I actually have a small pillow that I stash in my desk. I just put my head on the desk; I don’t lie on the floor. It’s sort of a nice break although I am a bit groggy for a few minutes when I wake up.

Tonight is Jason and my 2-year anniversary. (I have been wondering what is the gramatically correct way of saying that. Jason and mine? Jason and me’s? Jason and I’s?) We’re going out to dinner at a nice restaurant that we have a coupon for. Back with an update later.

All the cool kids are doing it

I’m definitely influenced to an extent by things I read on other people’s blogs. There are definite trends that go around the blogosphere (Green Monsters and Banana Soft Serve for example). I figure that if everyone raves about certain recipes, they must be on to something. And so I test the waters. Maybe I like it, maybe I don’t, but I definitely try these food “trends.”

I swear, I have a point to this. For a while now, I’ve been seeing a lot of juice. At first I didn’t really think much of it, but then I saw Crazy Sexy Cancer and became very interested in green juices. I’d been coveting this juicer for a while and Jason bought it for me last week! It delivers tomorrow. In anticipation, I went to Costco after work and bought mass quantities of produce. I got a little carried away. Although the broccoli isn’t intended to be juiced.


I hope I like this. I guess the principle behind juicing is, especially with leafy greens, that since you aren’t getting the fiber from, say, spinach, you are able to eat/drink more of it and get more of the nutrients. Or somethin’ like that.

So, in addition to all of the push ups that I did last night (which btw, I did in increments of 20), today’s boot camp was very pushup-centric! By the end of the class, my pushup turned into me flopping onto my stomach and trying to myself back up. My chest/arms/shoulders are going to be sore tomorrow. We’d done this particular workout before; I have no idea why today was so hard. Actually, what am I talking about? It was hard because of the pushups that I did last night.

I’m not really talking about the details here, but my emotions about the wedding are all over the place. Not about actually getting married, but wedding planning. My parents are divorced, my dad is remarried and it’s just hard to get through this without everyone clashing, myself included. I’m not able to do some of it because I’m out of state. It’s just exhausting sometimes.

Personalized Homework?

I tend to bitch to my boot camp instructor about certain things. My number one complaint is that I’m frustrated that I can’t do push ups or railing pull ups. He’s always on me to do my homework and if I did it, I’d get stronger. So, guess what today’s homework was? 120 pushups and 120 pullups. Yuck!! I think he did that on purpose.

I got to the gym and started on the treadmill. I was actually next to a co-worker who runs pretty fast. It actually motivated me to run faster than normal. I did 2 miles. After my run, I did a modified version of the homework. I used the assisted pull up machine. I mean, really, I can’t do 120 pull ups! For the pushups, I did them on an incline which made it a bit easier than doing them on my knees. Does that count as doing the homework? I think it does.

I’ve been trying to really figure out what is holding me back from losing weight. This is what I’ve come up with.

1. Going out to eat. My friends and I go out to eat A LOT. I try to get what I think is healthy, but I don’t really know and I’m sure that I’m consuming way more calories than I realize.

2. Grazing. I know that to some extent, eating little snacks is good, but I feel like I’m always snacking. Especially after dinner.

So, what’s the solution? I’ve come up with some ideas. Jason and I have a date night once a week and that’s fine, but I want to stop going out to eat on other nights because we’re too lazy to cook. On the weekends, when my friends and I go out for drinks, we almost always eat too. Last Saturday, I told my friend Emily that I would meet her out for a drink but I was eating dinner at home. I want to do that more. It’s not like I’m going to feel deprived because I’m not eating bar food!

The grazing thing is harder to control. I am going to try very hard to eat dinner, eat something sweet if I need after and close the kitchen!!!

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