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CSN Stores Giveaway Winner

The winner for the CSN Stores $35 giveaway is….


Screen shot 2010-12-30 at 8.00.36 AM.png

Congrats Nicole! Email me for your gift certificate code.

Thanks everyone for all your kitchen advice. The majority seems to think that we should close the pass through, which we agree with. It’s hard to tell from the pictures that I posted, but our kitchen has two entrances so I don’t think that closing the pass through will close off the room.

Blog Addict

My google reader used to always be 1000+ and while I managed to keep up with my favorite blogs, some others that I also liked would inevitably get skipped. Recently, I decided to go about my blog reading in a different way. First I organized all the blogs I read into the following categories:

• artsy
• Atlanta bloggers
• favorites
• food blogs
• running blogs
• randoms

Then I started taking advantage of the mark all as read button. If my reader gets to 100+, I just mark all as read. Sure, I might miss a post or two from some of my favorites, but this really gives me more variety. The next time I open my reader, there might only be five new posts, so I’ll read those which might be a blog that I might have skipped before.

How do you go about your blog reading?

This is your last chance to enter my CSN Stores Giveaway.

It’s That Time Again

It’s that time again. It’s time to start training for my next half-marathon, the Publix Georgia Half-Marathon on March 20th. I’ve had success with Hal Higdon’s training plans, but the intermediate plan has you running five days a week and that’ s little too much running for me. So I decided to do the Runner’s World Smart Coach plan instead. This is three days of running in the beginning weeks and then four towards the end. Much better.

Today’s workout was a 5-mile tempo run. I did it on the treadmill after work. I ran the warm up at 5.5 mph, the 3 mile tempo portion at 6.0 and the cool down at 5.5 again. I actually don’t mind tempo runs because they allow me to trick myself. When I go to the gym straight after work, it’s always too crowded to stay on treadmill the entire time. They have signs posted declaring a 20 minute time limit which everyone pretty much ignores. I do too, but I do try to limit my time on the machine to 30 minutes. So, I tell myself that I only have to run 3 miles and then 2. Then, I tell myself that the warm up mile doesn’t count, so I only have to run two miles. When I get back on the ‘mill the second time, I tell myself that I’m really only running a mile, since the last mile doesn’t count.

I know it seems silly that I sign up for all these races and I’m constantly tricking myself into thinking that I’m not running as much as I am, but it just works for me!

When, I got home, I was really happy to see the crockpot on the counter.


And even happier to see that Jason had filled it up and dinner was going to be ready in 20 minutes. After quickly hopping in the shower, I found Vegetarian Crock Pot Enchiladas waiting for me.


This was more of a tostada pie than an enchilada, but it still tasted good and was very filling. I love it when I get home and have a meal waiting for me, courtesy of the crock pot or Jason. Or in this case, both.

This is only the second or third time that we’ve used the crockpot. It was a wedding gift. It’s funny to see what appliances you use and which ones you don’t since when you get married, you suddenly become the owner of every kitchen appliance known to man. I’d say that I use my Zojirushi Rice Cooker the most (oddly enough) and my Juicer the least. What can I say? It’s a pain to clean.

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