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Lead Legs

I finished my 8 mile run about an hour ago. I was seriously dragging and my time shows that.


I attribute my slow time to the following factors:

1. I picked an extremely hilly route.
2. I drank a little bit last night. Not a lot, by any means, but I typically don’t drink at all before my long runs.
3. I ran too soon after I ate lunch.
4. It was just one of those runs.

Here are my mile splits:

1 – 11:36
2 – 11:22
3 – 11:50
4 – 11:03
5 – 13:18 (there was some walking here)
6 – 11:15
7 – 12:36 (more walking)
8 – 12:09 (more walking again)

It’s not the fact that I was running slowly that made the run crappy; I just never got into it. Oh well. Maybe this means my next long run will be great. I will not pick this route, that’s for sure. I actually stopped at Target between miles 2 and 3 to get some Gatorade and some sort of food to fuel me through the run. I thought I bought G2, but turns out it was regular ol’ Gatorade. I actually prefer to use GU or some sort of gel when I run because I find that if I’m chewing something, I have the tendency to choke on it. Apparently I cannot run and chew at the same time. They didn’t have GU though, so I bought those Powerbar Gel Blasts. I like these better than other chewy brands because they aren’t as sticky and don’t get stuck in your teeth. And hey look, you can click here for a free sample!

I had a busy, but fun weekend. I got to see a lot of my friends. For various reasons, I didn’t really socialize much in January, so it was really nice to see everyone. Last night, we went to No Mas Cantina for dinner. Check out my friend with his pitcher of margarita!


I did not partake in any margarita action and had a Corona Light instead. I just have a very hard time justifying the calories in a margarita. I’ll have one on occasion, but last night was not that occasion.

I did partake in the chips and guacamole. I just cannot help myself at a Mexican restaurant. I always end up eating way too many chips and then am not even that hungry by the time my meal comes around. Last night, I ordered the enchiladas de espinaca. They were good, but I wasn’t crazy about the cream sauce on top. I should of asked for them without that. Dinner was good, but two of my friends and I felt kind of sick afterward. I don’t know if we just ate too much, or it was too heavy or what, but I felt like I had a big rock in my stomach.

After dinner, I stopped by The Bookhouse Pub to have a drink with another friend who was celebrating his birthday. I was not really in the mood to drink anymore, but I sipped on a glass of wine and chit-chatted with people for about an hour and went home. Fun times, fun times!

Now it’s time for blog, cook, laundry which is the working girl’s version of GTL. Aww, I miss Snooki now. I don’t know what to do with my Thursdays anymore.

For dinner, I made Baked Tofu Bites. I’ve had this recipe bookmarked forever and realized that I had all of the ingredients to make it. Surprisingly, I even had sesame seeds. I didn’t use Liquid Smoke. I don’t like it.


It’s a keeper. The tofu was chewy and flavorful and it was incredibly easy to make. I love it when I find a good tofu recipe.

Well, I gotta get to the laundry portion of BCL. Have a good Sunday night.

Massage Day

Jason and I had our couples massage yesterday. They had a room with two massage beds and we got our massages at the same time. Jason had never had a professional massage before and he really enjoyed it. I told my masseuse that I’d never had a deep tissue massage and was a bit concerned about it hurting. I said that my left shoulder/upper back had a knot in it and it’d been bothering me for a long time. When she was massaging me, she said that she didn’t really feel a knot where I’d described but that my neck was extremely tight and that was probably what was causing my shoulder pain. I have really bad posture and I am pretty sure that this is the reason that my neck was so tight. I have also been told (by a chiropractor that was doing free back checks at a previous job) that I have slight scoliosis. I think the masseuse went kind of easy on me because it really didn’t hurt that much. Although, today my upper back is tender to the touch!

After the massage, we were trying to decide where to go to dinner and I remembered that Jason had a gift certificate to Tamarind Seed. I think I’ve been to this restaurant three times and I have really enjoyed the food each time. I had some sort of white fish with a shrimp and basil topping.


After dinner, we met up for drinks with some friends at Amuse. Although we didn’t eat, their menu looked good. Our friends did eat, and I can safely say that this restaurant has good french fries! It’s a new spot and is definitely on our list to go back. After drinks, we ended up a party. One of my friend’s friends just moved into a house that was probably less than a mile from our house, so we decided that it’d be fun to stop by. I had a good time but somehow a bunch of Doritos found their way into my mouth. Funny how that happens. I have always had a soft spot for Cool Ranch Doritos.

We were up and at ‘em again this morning looking at houses with our realtor. We looked at five properties. We didn’t like the first three. We were all about the fourth one at first. It was small, but very cute. However, when we saw the fifth house, we were in love with it. It was big, a 3/2, with a bonus room with a fireplace and a big backyard for Murphy. My thing with houses is that I’m all about location. I don’t want to move to the suburbs. At least not at this point in my life. I feel like right now, I have friends that live and do things in town, and while in five years I might not have that (or care about it), I do now. This house is kind of getting into the suburbs, but still pretty close in.

Murphy is eating his bed again. I think that those of you who said he is doing it for attention are right. Murph’s a blog hater.

The weather today has been craptastic, so I decided to do my long run tomorrow when it’s forecasted to be warmer out. I guess I have to go shower the dog with attention. And actually shower.

Feeling better, albeit somewhat disappointed

I feel much better today, physically and mentally. I was completely stressing myself out about the possibility of being stressed out! Yep, that’s totally like me.

In the now. In the now. I need to remember that.

Like a lot of you, I get a little panicky when I don’t work out for several days. I was just itching to get some sort of workout in, so I went to the office gym at lunch. I did an easy 2 miles on the treadmill at 5.7 mph and then The Fitnessista’s Winter Shape up workout. I did the beginner circuit. I only had enough time to do it twice though.

It looks like we’re back to square one with our house hunt. We found out that the house that we were interested in doesn’t have central air. Umm, we live in Georgia. I think it’s a deal breaker. It’s disappointing, but I just don’t want to settle. The sellers seem kind of shady too. On their disclosure, it said there was central air, but then when we specifically asked why there was a window unit in the kitchen, they said that there was only central air in the addition, not in the main dwelling. We could ask the seller to put it in and have our offer be contingent on that, but I just don’t see that happening. I don’t know.

Argh house hunting is hard!

I made myself a healthy dinner, but it wasn’t that great. This is the first thing that I’ve made from the Fast Fresh Food cookbook that wasn’t that great. It’s Louisiana style tilapia with Hoppin John Style rice and it was pretty bland. And yes, that’s frozen broccoli with very processed cheese sauce. My name is Lee and I still eat some processed food! It’s a green veggie at least.


Not posting the recipe because I didn’t feel that it was worth it. The fish looks pretty at least.


Tilapia was super cheap at Kroger. I got two pieces for $2 and some change! According to the Monterrey Aquarium Seafood watch app, farmed US tilapia is a good choice.

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