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Eating and Watching

What I’ve been eating:


Bean enchiladas. These were good but very, very beany.  Fortunately, refried beans are like my favorite food, so I liked these.  I didn’t, however, like the Old El Paso brand enchilada sauce that I bought.  Not good.  A shame because Old El Paso refried beans are my favorite.

Tofu curry

Tofu green curry. This was actually really easy to make which is always a plus, especially on the weekdays.  I would have preferred it to be a bit spicier, but I guess that’s the nature of green curry versus red curry.  Jason didn’t like the snap peas and said he would have used green beans or more bell pepper instead, but I was fine with them.  Though the recipe says two servings, we definitely got three hearty portions out of it.  Bonus.  I would make this again.

Tortellini salad

Deli-Style Pasta Salad. As I was making this, I was a little wary of the recipe and wondered several times if I should have abandoned the dressing and just gone for a traditional marinara sauce instead.  I should have.

What I’ve been watching:

A little bit of this.  Yes, I took a picture of my tv.  I felt like it might come in handy sometime.  And look, it did.  Don’t judge.


And a lot of this:

Source: via Eliraz on Pinterest




In the past two weekends, we basically watched all of Season 4 of Breaking Bad.  I liked the previous seasons but this one just really sucked me in.  It’s just such a smart and well-written show.  Nothing will ever top my favorite show of all time, Six Feet Under, but this show is really good.  (And no, because someone always asks, I haven’t seen The Wire.  I need to see The Wire.)

What’s your favorite show of all time?

Tucker Summerfest

Jason and I did something different this morning.  We played tennis!  He’s been wanting to play for a while, so at around 10:30, we went to a local park with tennis courts and played for an hour.  And I really mean “played” because we are both kind of awful.  But we’re learning!  I need to work on my serve.  I cannot get it in the serving box (or whatever it’s called) to save my life!

It was pretty hot out by the time we got home.  We had originally intended to take Murphy to the Tucker Summerfest, but we knew he’d be uncomfortably warm, so we left him at home with his “baby” Scooby Doo.

Murphy scooby

Scooby Doo is the only stuffed toy that he won’t destroy.  He also knows the command, “Get your Scooby!”, when he leaves it outside.  I need to make a video of that.  For a dog that doesn’t obey very well, he can get his Scooby with the best of them.

I digress.

We decided to venture out to downtown Tucker sans dog.

Tucker summerfest

It ended up being a tiny little festival.  There was a band…


and a big wheel race…

Big wheel race

‘and King of Pops…

King of pops

I had Banana Cinnamon, Jason had Jalapeno Margarita.

Banana cinnamon king of pops

The best part was that we ran into one of my best friends, Maya, and her family.  We’ve been friends since high school.

Lee maya

(Seriously, I need to retire the bra I’m wearing.  And I’m really glad that I called attention to that because you probably wouldn’t have noticed.  Or maybe you would have.)  We spent about two hours at the festival

Jason tucker summerfest

Lee tucker summerfest

before the heat and sun started being too much.  Look at those freckles!  (For the record, I didn’t mean to take an up close photo like this and I am wearing sunscreen, mom.)


All in all, it was nice that they had a festival less than a mile from my house, but I wish it had more to offer.  It was basically just food trucks, some events and that’s it.   I would have liked to see some more art booths.  Maybe next year.


Bootcamp Day 3

Today was the third day of Tina’s Boot Camp and I’ve got to say, it’s been a lot harder than I’d anticipated.  Yesterday was a leg day and it included a move called the one legged sit to stand.  You can probably figure out how to do it.  This was so hard for me.  First I tried to hold a weight in my hands but then ended up just doing the move with my body weight alone.  My butt is super sore today.

Today was 30 minutes of intervals – 3 minutes on, 2 minutes off.  I did them at 6.5 mph and 5.5 mph for recovery.  Going into it, I thought this would be easy.  I do intervals a lot when I run on the treadmill.  But for whatever reason it was really, really hard and I felt like I was going to puke.  (That might have had more to do with the Vitamin Water Zero that I had earlier in the day.  I always think it’s not going to bother my stomach and then it does.)

For a long time, I’ve sort of had this woe is me attitude towards weight loss.  I’ve felt like I’m working out regularly, I’m eating mostly healthy, why am I ten pounds over my ideal weight?  It’s not fair.  Well, doing these difficult workouts made me realize that maybe there’s hope after all.  For years, I’ve been going to the gym but have I really been pushing myself?  No.  Sure, running for 3 or 4 miles is harder than not running for 3 or 4 miles, but I think my body is just used to that amount of exercise and I’m not being challenged.

So, puke-worthy is it may be, I really think this bootcamp is going to help me lose a few lbs.


That’s my “I’m a badass” face.  And my super cool pink striped sunglasses.  Aren’t you jealous?  Don’t worry, I only wear them in the car.  And they were free from work.

Even though it was at least 7:30 by the time I got home, I felt inspired to make a real dinner.  Well, real as a dinner that contains a frozen veggie burger is.  I am the queen of eating a side dish and calling it a meal, so whenever I make something that has multiple components, well, I feel kind of proud.

Brussels sprouts

I sauteed some shredded Brussels Sprouts, roasted some red potatoes and had a bunless veggie burger.  A main dish and two sides!


Now, I’m taking my sore butt to bed.  I can’t imagine how much my abs are going to hurt tomorrow.  Embrace it, right?

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