Growth Update

So, where were we?  In my last post, I talked about the three scenarios that could happen at this morning’s growth scan.  They were:

1.  Baby has caught up in growth.
2.  Baby is growing but growth restricted.
3.  Baby has not grown at all.

Fortunately, it wasn’t number three.  It was kind of number two, but not really.  Baby measured in the 17th percentile overall.  His abdomen was in the 5th percentile and his femur was in the 1st.  But overall, he was in the 17th, which I guess means his brain is large.  They don’t classify it as growth restriction if he’s above the 10th percentile.  So he’s not IUGR right now, but he’s little.  And the abdomen and femur sizes are sort of scary.  But good news is that he has grown and the doctor says that as long as he’s following his own growth chart, it’s okay to leave him in there.  He’s currently 3 lbs, 4 oz.   The average size for a 32 week baby (according to some website) is 3 lbs, 12 oz.  So he’s small.  But three weeks ago, he was only 2 lbs, 5 oz.  The doctor said that if he keeps up his growing at the same speed, he’ll be around 6 lbs at birth, which is fine by me.  Hell, if he’s over 5 lbs, I’d be happy.

So, all in all, it was good news.  Obviously, I’d like it if his abdomen and femur would catch up, but maybe he’ll just be a short, skinny baby at first and then catch up later.  I was only 5 lbs, 9 oz when I was born and now I’m 5’7.

We met with a doctor that we hadn’t met before (this is a multi-doctor practice) and were asking her if there was anything I could do to fatten up the baby.  She mentioned upping my protein intake, which I’ve been doing (hence my last post) and also drinking Ensure.  Umm, bleh!

Okay, I’ve never had Ensure before but the ingredient list looks sort of scary to me. So, I did what anyone would do, I went to Facebook and asked for alternatives.  And this is what people told me:

• ViSalus
• Drink ensure cold
• Liver (?!)
• Growing Naturals protein powder
• Orgain
• Publix vanilla protein powder to go in a smoothie
• Another one for drinking the ensure cold
• Go to WF and get a protein powder and make a smoothie with almond butter
• Shaklee (i thought this was some sort of cleaning product.  Apparently, I thought wrong.  Or they do sell that too?)

So it looks like smoothies are in my near future.  Not with liver though.  I did manage to make a protein filled dinner.  At first, I was going to go the lazy route and just throw together something quick, but I decided there was no reason for me not to cook and I needed leftovers to take to work for lunches anyway, so I made this Black Bean Quinoa Salad with Basil Lemon Dressing.

Quinoa salad

Though I wasn’t too lazy to cook, I was too lazy to take out my good camera.  Anyway.  This was actually really good and I’m glad I made it.  The quinoa absorbed the dressing and it gave it a really nice flavor.  Better than Ensure, I’d say.

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21 Responses to Growth Update

  1. Glad little mans getting bigger!!!!

  2. Definitely better than Ensure. I’m so happy he’s getting bigger! I was 5 lbs when I was born. The little man will get bigger. I know this whole thing has been so scary for you two. Hopefully the protein will help and he will get bigger before the big day!

  3. Glad to hear LO is going to be staying in for the next little while. I think of you often Lee – sending you so much positive energy. Hoping your gorgeous little boy keeps on growing even if it is at his own pace. xoxo

    An alternative for Ensure is Boost. It comes in a chocolate flavor and it’s not terrible. Not great either though. Have you thought about eating protein bars? I’m not 100% they are safe but assuming they are, it might be a good way to get in even more protein.

  4. Glad to hear Baby is growing. I pray that his femur and abdomen catch up!

    I can’t remember if you eat eggs? I love hard boiled eggs as a quick and easy protein source.

  5. Your brother was 6 pounds 11 oz at birth and the whole time he was in elementary school he was one of the smallest kids in his class. His legs are short in comparison to his torso. My friend Diane told me we should get him on those growth shots and I was all worried about him. He’s now 5’10″ tall.
    Great news today about Baby Becknell! Keep up the great work with your eating plan. Sounds like you are doing everything right.

  6. Thinking lots of good thoughts for your little guy!

    My friend had a 5lb baby a few months before I had B — and by 6 months she had completely caught up. She’s now super tall for her age (she’ll be 8 next month).

  7. Ensure is raunchy! Hope you find one that works. I think my 30% off code still works for Growing Naturals (SPRINT30).

    I was 7lb 6 oz when I was born and I barely made it to 5’3. Those measurements are crap. ;)

  8. So glad to hear your lil chap is in the 17th percentile! I agree with Laura – those growth charts are not a prediction of the future – I was 8lbs and am rounding off when I tell people I am 5′ 3″ ;)

    Have you tried muscle milk? Its pretty high in protein and the vanilla creme tastes pretty good.

  9. Yay for baby getting bigger!!!!

  10. Hi Lee,

    I’ve been following along with your updates and your journey for a while but have yet to comment! First off let me say that I SOOO appreciate your honesty and openness about everything that’s going on and how it makes you feel etc.. I’m currently almost 20 weeks pregnant and also suffered a miscarriage and about a year of TTC along with lots of anxiety with this pregnancy. It’s really refreshing to read your posts because you don’t try to pretend that everything’s all rosy if it’s not. I have my first anatomy scan tomorrow morning and it would be an understatement to say that I’m interested to see how it goes.

    In regards to protein I’m a huge fan of homemade ‘PB and J’ smoothies for breakfast. I was never much of a smoothie fan before pregnancy but now I crave one in the morning despite the bitter winter cold! My mix is 1 cup almond milk, 1/2 wild blueberries, 1 banana, 1 heaping tbsp nut butter, 2 dates. I’m sure that protein powder would go wonderfully in this and combined with the nut butter you would get a good dose of protein and a good overall calorie count.

    Did the doctor also tell you to up your overall calorie, carb, and fat intake as well? I don’t have expertise in this area I was just curious.

    Best wishes, I’m thinking of you!

    • Thanks! I’ll have to try that smoothie.

      The doctor didn’t say anything about anything other than protein or calcium. I think even those are sort of more of “it couldn’t hurt” type of things to try.

      Good look with your anatomy scan! Hope everything goes well.

  11. Try some grass fed whey protein! I like SFH a lot.

  12. Thank GOODNESS you decided to go AGAINST Ensure – that stuff is disgusting!

  13. Ensure is nasty, but Pediasure is the bomb. Banana cream and Orange cream taste like milkshakes.

  14. I’m so glad he’s growing and hope the rest of his body catches up soon. My midwife just commented today that she can’t believe how small Wyatt is now b/c he always measured so large during pregnancy. I really hope the reverse is true for you. <3

  15. Hi Lee! I was just checking your blog and wanted to share that I also am carrying a smaller baby. LO is in the 8% percentile overall. I’m also obsessing over protein. I’m currently drinking Boost which has 15 grams if protein in it. Okay, I admit the ingredients are horrifying. However, if it helps the baby get bigger, it’s worth drinking. That’s my thought on it anyway. Some other things I’ve been chowing down on for snacks are hard boiled eggs, Clif Mojo bars, trail mix, cheese, and Greek yogurt mixed with cucumber and dill. I’m also forcing myself to eat organic meat and chicken. I truly do not enjoy the two and would much rather be meatless, but my baby is tiny, and I am seriously willing to do anything to get him or her to grow. Good luck bulking up baby. He’s #1 right now!

  16. Kristen @ The Concrete Runner

    MacKenna was 5 lbs 6 ounces when she was born and never once was I told she was growth restricted – and I was small like you! She still isn’t even on the charts at 2 years old but the pediatrician has assured us that as long as she is following HER curve, she’s perfectly fine. Hang in there Lee! Small babies turn out just perfectly too! And it feels like they are a baby for much longer!

    I also want to just say that don’t feel like this is your fault. I had a hard time accepting that I didn’t do anything to make her small. I felt that I did something wrong so she was low birth weight. It’s not your fault – some babies are just little and that’s OK!

    • That’s interesting that they never said anything about growth restriction as a possibility for you. Though for me, they are hyper-vigilant because when I did the genetic testing, they found that I have 3x the level of normal HCG and that can cause all sorts of issues with the placenta. But hopefully he’s just small, like MacKenna.

  17. I’m glad it wasn’t number 3!! I’m sending good thoughts out your way!

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