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Why I Never Blog Anymore (plus my new fave coffee)

Jason thinks my New Years resolution should be to blog more often.  I think it should be to dress better or keep the house clean.  Mind you, dressing better and keeping the house clean are ALWAYS my New Years resolutions and I still wear stuff that’s too big because it’s comfortable and my house is a mess.  So maybe I should blog more?

I was about to write that I had a rare moment where I was home alone.  Not alone exactly but Jason was out doing errands and Alexander was napping.  Except that before I had a chance to write that, Alexander woke up.

So now it’s like six hours later and everyone is asleep again and here I am.  See why I never blog anymore?  And then my photos didn’t transfer over from iCloud to iPhoto.  And Alexander probably woke up again.  I couldn’t even tell you because now it’s at least a day, maybe two, later.

All of that to tell you about this k-cup that I bought that I love.  So, I drink a good amount of coffee.  But honestly, I prefer for my coffee to taste as little like coffee as possible.  Enter my new favorite flavor k-cup that was on sale at Kroger and I bought on a whim.


And the photo is blurry.  After all of that!

Weekly Meal Recap

Despite not blogging about it like ever, I actually have been doing a pretty decent job of figuring out a weekly meal plan and mostly sticking to it.  So I decided to prove it.  This was last week.

Sunday:  So on Sundays, Jason has to go to bed early because his work week starts at midnight on Monday.  So I’m on my own for dinner.  I usually take this time to make myself something that Jason wouldn’t like.  Even though he pretty much will eat whatever, Jason doesn’t share the same fondness as me for some of my favorite foods.  These include:  sweet potatoes, kale, quinoa, fish, cauliflower and homemade soup.  So, this past Sunday, I made Tuscan Bean Soup.

Vegetable bean soup

This was good and I had leftovers for days.

Monday:  I don’t know what we had.  Alexander was sick like all week, so it was kind of a blur.  Maybe frozen pizza?

Tuesday:  Turkey Tamale Casserole from an old Weight Watchers cookbook that I have.  The turkey part of this was good, but the tamale topping sort of tasted like dirty water.

Tamale casserole

Wednesday:  I was supposed to go to my company holiday party, but Alexander was still sick so I didn’t go.  We had leftovers of the casserole with the tamale topping scraped off.  Also, we had brussels sprouts with a balsamic drizzle.

Brussels sprouts

Thursday:  Kung Pao Tofu.

Kung pao tofu

I wouldn’t make the tamale casserole again, but everything else was good.

Alexander: 10 Months

I didn’t love having a newborn.  I mean, I loved my newborn, but I didn’t love the newborn stage.  Sure, there was something nice about a tiny, helpless baby that slept on your chest, but there was nothing fun about a tiny, helpless baby that slept on your chest.  So, unlike a lot of people, who seem to really miss the newborn days, I look forward to Alexander growing up.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and have him be 13, but as he’s gotten older, he’s gotten a lot more fun.

Alexander is 10 months old.  (And apparently not asleep as I’m typing this.)

IMG 6147

He’s still a tiny little guy.  He’s in the 15 lb range.  I’m hoping closer to 16 lbs, but at 10 months, he still has 3-6 month clothes that fit.  People sometimes tell me that it’s cute that he’s so small, but it’s actually incredibly stressful.  He’s never been a great eater.  He’s better with food than formula (I don’t blame him; have you ever tasted formula?) but even with food, he’s never like voraciously taking it in.

Daycare food

Alexander drinks about 25 oz of formula a day and eats about 10-12 oz of pureed food.  I’m working on transitioning him to table/finger foods, but it’s hard.  He does like Cheerios though.  And he’s getting somewhat decent at picking them up and putting them in his mouth.

Alexander can sit up like a champ.  He’s been army crawling since September, but only in the last week or so did he realize that it was way more efficient to crawl and his hands and knees.  He also started pulling up.  Mostly in his crib.   Yes, I’m aware that I need to lower the mattress.


He babbles a lot and there’s a lot of “mamama” and “dadada” but it’s not directed to us.  He’ll clap and I’ve been trying to teach him to give high fives.  He also really needs a haircut.


Okay, he woke up like 3 times while I was typing this.  What was I saying about not missing the tiny newborn who sleeps on your chest?

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