Eating Asheville

Jason and I like to head up to Asheville, NC at least once a year.  We didn’t make it up there last year, but were back with this year and on a mission – to Eat Asheville.

Eating asheville

Since Asheville has so many good restaurants and we were only there for one night, we thought we’d try to experience as many as we could and signed up for this walking tour.

The tour started out at the Battery Park Book and Champagne Bar. There were about 5 other couples on the tour, along with our tour guide Stuart.  It wasn’t a surprise that we started out with a glass of champagne.

IMG 5590

We also sampled two dips – a smoked trout and a goat pimento cheese.

Goat pimento cheese

Next we moved on to Cucina 24.

Cucina 24

The executive chef, Brian, came out and talked about how he writes the menu and chooses the food, which was really cool.

Cucina 24 chef

He made us some sort of octopus dish.  The tour as a whole was really accommodating to dietary restrictions and my octopus dish was served without bacon.

Cucina 24 octopus

This was easily my favorite thing we had on the entire tour.

Cucina 24 octopus2

After Cucina 24, we walked over to Table.


We actually ended up sitting on the second floor bar, a place called Imperial Life that specializes in craft cocktails.  We had some sort of shrimp hushpuppy.

Table inside

Table shrimp hushpuppies

Then it was off to Strada.

Strada outside

We were treated to a small glass of wine and some sort of pesto pasta.

Strada wine

Strada pasta

After Strada, it was time for something sweet and we walked over to Chocolate Gems.

Chocolate gems

We had some chocolate and almond gelato.  And a small [unpictured] truffle.

Chocolate gems gelato

Unfortunately, it started pouring while we were enjoying our chocolate and we had to brave the rain to get to the next place – MG Road. MG Road is actually a bar and lounge that’s part of Chai Pani – a restaurant we actually have here (and really like) in Atlanta.  It’s Indian Street Food.

Mg road

We had three things (one was okra fries, but not sure what the other two were) and an Indian drink that tasted like a margarita.

Mg road2

This was probably the biggest portion we got at any of the restaurants.  And finally, we walked over to Zambra for sangria and tapas.


Zambra sangria

Aside from the bacon in the octopus dish at Cucina 24, everything else was pescatarian or vegetarian on our tour.  Zambra, howvever, was not.  They gave everyone some sort of brisket dish.

Zambra meat

But for me, they had a chicken chimichanga.

Zambra chimichanga

It was really nice – I noted that I didn’t eat red meat or pork when we bought the tickets, and there was something special for me at both restaurants that were offering something I don’t eat.

This looks like a lot of food, but really it wasn’t.  They were all really small tastes (though MG Road was pretty big).  I’d definitely recommend doing a tour like this if you’re ever in Asheville.  It’s a fun way to explore the city.

Last Weekend in Photos

Grant Park Summer Shade Festival!

Alex lee grant park

Family grant park

Jason alex grant park

Music grant park

Alex lee grant park2

Grant park

Girls Night at The General Muir

On Thursday, I had a much-needed Girls Night with Laura and Alayna.  After going back and forth with some restaurant choices, we decided on The General Muir – a modern take on a Jewish deli that’s been on all the top Atlanta restaurant lists.  It opened maybe a year or so ago, but none of us had been.

I got there first and sat at the bar while I waited for Laura and Alayna.  I had a glass of wine.  No picture.  You know what wine looks like.  We ordered two appetizers – a bowl of matzoh ball soup and the charred rattlesnake beans with cherry tomatoes.

General muir matzoh ball soup

General muir beans

Both were delicious.

For my entree, I had the trout.  Also very good.  Laura had the reuben and Alayna had the burger.

General muir fish

We didn’t stop there – we had to try some desserts.

General muir dessert

And apparently, I took a random picture of the table too.  Those desserts must have made me a little loopy.

General muir table

I really enjoyed this place.  I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to try it.

The General Muir on Urbanspoon

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