I’m participating in a photography challenge called My Life in 52.  Each week there’s a theme and you have to take a picture to illustrate that theme.  I’ve tried these types of challenges before on a daily basis, and can never stick with it, but weekly seems more realistic.  I’m going to try to use my dSLR for the majority of these, though I took the first two on my phone.  Umm, oops?

Screen Shot 2015 01 16 at 8 49 41 AM

So for week number one the theme was home and I actually used the picture of Alexander and Murphy from my previous post.  Week number two is selfie and we all know that I’m kind of a pro at taking those.  Or maybe I’m just a narcissist.



A Different Kind of Stress Eating

IMG 6374

Though cute, this picture is actually a good example of something extremely stressful in my life – feeding Alexander.  Little boy will not eat anything that’s not a puree.  I’ve been trying to introduce table foods for a good two months now.  He puts them in his mouth, rolls them around and spits them back out.  I don’t get it.  I don’t know if he doesn’t know he’s supposed to swallow, if he’s afraid of choking or what.  But it’s extremely stressful.

I never understood parents who stressed out about what their kids ate until I became one.  Alexander is so small to begin with so making sure he’s eating is really important. And I don’t know why he just won’t swallow.  He actually got a little bit better at it the other day.  And then he swallowed part of a toilet paper roll that a certain dog left on the ground.  And then he threw it back up.  And now he doesn’t want to swallow again.

That’s actually not why Murphy is stressing me out though. Whenever I feed Alexander, there he is on the floor next to the highchair barking at the food or trying to get his head in Alexander’s lap to eat what he’s dropped.

It’s a lot of stress.

#1 Accomplished

Remember my number one goal of cleaning out my linen closet?  Boom.  Done.  It mostly involved getting rid of a bunch of old sheets.  And also this.  Why was I saving these on the top shelf of my linen closet?!

Mesh underwear

If you’ve never had a baby, you probably don’t know what these are.  Consider yourself lucky.

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