The Pacifier Diaries

Oftentimes people ask me if Alexander sleeps through the night.  And I usually respond with “yes.”  He generally does sleep all night.  Only there’s this one thing…


See that pacifier?  The one that’s not in his mouth?  At some point before he wakes up in the morning (actually at several points), he’ll notice the pacifier is no longer in his mouth and he’ll start to cry.  Disregard the fact that when he’s awake, he can totally put the pacifier in his mouth by himself.  Not only can he do that, but he’ll seek out some pacifier that’s like across the room under the dining room table covered in dog hair and want to put that in his mouth.  But when he’s asleep?  Forget about it.

So I’ll hear whining in the baby monitor.  And I’ve learned from prior experience that as soon as I hear this whining, I need to jump up from a dead sleep and run into his room and put the pacifier in his mouth.  If I don’t get there fast enough, the whining turns to straight up crying and my baby who was mostly asleep becomes mostly awake.  And if he sits up, it’s all over.

So, yeah, he sleeps through the night.  But do I?  Questionable.


I keep thinking I’m going to start my next blog post with, “This is the end.  I’m not blogging anymore.”  but then I find some free time and something to write about, though this post is probably only going to be interesting if you want baby pictures.

So, Halloween.  My office is really big into Halloween.  If you don’t dress up, you’re kind of looked down upon.  A lot of people do group costumes which are always popular, so three other people from my department, one from sales and myself dressed up as hipster Disney princesses.  There was an Alice, a Mulan, a Pocahontas, a Belle and I was Jasmine.

Hipster jasmine

We had to add name tags at the last minute because no one knew who we were.  That vest is green, by the way, and I also had on camo leggings and black chuck taylors.

Alexander’s daycare had a little trick or treating event, so I went over there for that.

Alex dino

Lee alex dino

Unfortunately, my little dinosaur wasn’t feeling very well.  He threw up everywhere like a minute before I got there.  Fortunately, he wasn’t in his costume yet.  His teacher told me that there was a stomach bug going around the classroom and three kids had it.  (Foreshadowing).

After we got home, we went to a little trick or treating thing near our house.  Alexander seemed to be feeling somewhat better.

Jason dino

And was really interested in his candy.  (His candy that he didn’t actually eat, I feel like I have to add.)

Dino twizzlers

Alex dino tucker

And then I started to feel not so hot.  And basically felt like I was going to throw up every time I ate anything.  I tried to ignore it but mostly lazed around the house on Saturday.  We did go out for a friend’s birthday celebration.  I felt fine there, but we ate afterward and I was up all night with horrible nausea.  So that’s been fun.  At least we get another hour.  And the dinosaur feels better.

Body After Baby

So I read a lot of these “body after baby” posts.  And it seems like for the most part, people seem to have lost all the baby weight by like two weeks.  Or four months.  So here I am, nine months plus a few days post-partum.  Alexander has been out probably a month longer than he was in at this point.  (He was three weeks early, my math doesn’t suck that bad.)  If you see me, you might think that I am back to my pre-baby size.  But that’s a lie.  I mean, that I’m that size, not that you’d think that.  I’m about 10 lbs away from it.  I have some clothes that fit, some that are too big (yay) and some that are still too small.

IMG 6872

I probably shouldn’t use a picture of myself in a horizontal stripes to illustrate my lack of weight loss.  But I will say, this shirt and these jeans are from the pre-baby days.

I gained roughly 30 lbs while I was pregnant.  Since Alexander was such a tiny thing, I think most of that was probably due to a newfound rediscovery of Wendy’s Frosties.  (Side note:  my sister has never had a Frostie.  What?)  In the past nine months, here’s what I’ve done to try to lose the baby weight:

• weight watchers

• t-25 (with shakeology)

I guess that’s it.  My list seemed longer in my head.  Weight Watchers has worked for me in the past, but for whatever reason, and the reason is probably me, it didn’t this time, so I quit and started using My Fitness Pal.  Sporadically.  My friend Heather had great results with T-25.  So great that I was like, “Sure, I’ll buy a $120 workout DVD set.”  Here’s the problem with me and workout videos.  If I’m doing a workout other than running, I’m really bad at pushing myself.  I’ll follow the modified moves or just take random rest breaks.  I don’t push myself.

I actually think I lost a few pounds from the Shakeology though.  If you don’t know, Shakeology is this ridiculously expensive, but not as expensive when you buy it with the DVDs, protein powder-esque meal replacement.  Jason and I both loved it.  I would make a smoothie in the morning that consisted of 1 scoop chocolate shakeology, half a banana, 1 cup of almond milk and ice.  And while I don’t think it kept me any more full than my typical egg sandwich breakfast, for some reason, I didn’t snack as much during the day when I had a shake for breakfast.  But the Shakeology is long gone and we’ve been trying to justify buying more, but it’s hard to justify when daycare costs almost as much as a second mortgage.

Really, I think the best workout for me is and has always been running.  I’d say I’ve been running maybe once or twice a week.  I can go down my list of excuses to why:

•  A tree fell on our workout room.  It didn’t fall on the treadmill, but the damn room is still not fixed (yes, six weeks later) so I’m not going to run on a treadmill in a room where the wall is caving in.

• I don’t like my running stroller.  I hate to say this because someone gave it to me, but I don’t think she reads this anyway.  It has a fixed front wheel and it’s really hard to steer because of that.  Are the BOBs like that?

• Even if I did like my running stroller, I can’t run in the morning with Alexander during the week.  Since Jason works overnights, my morning routine is VERY dependent on Alexander being asleep.  If he wakes up early, I can’t get ready.  So if I were to take him out for a run, he’d be awake when we got back and that wouldn’t work.  Unless I wanted to go to work all smelly.

So maybe when the room is fixed, I’ll get back into it.  And maybe I’ll finally lose the final 10 lbs.

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